About TLP

Tirana Logistic Park (TLP) is the biggest project in the field of logistics in Albania and one of the most modern in the Western Balkans.Tirana Logistic Park is offering not just industrial and storage premises of highest quality, but also a full range of logistics services, including customs services, for a wide range of businesses’ profiles. Connection to the main axes of national and international road transport was intended to serve businesses operating in Albania and those operating in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and wider in the region.

In a building of 15,542 m2 and all necessary infrastructure, the customer of Tirana Logistics Park operate and benefit from all the facilities. The presence inside the park of local and international logistic operator creates the possibilities to have not only more services but also a more quality. This facilitates too the logistic services for businesses of all sizes and profiles. Tirana Logistic Park is a joint investment realized by cooperation between BALFIN Group and AlbStar ltd.


Tirana Logistic Park offers these logistics services directly or through the logistic partners that operate in it. The intention is not just to provide logistic services, but to have flexible solution for customers, in order improve operating processes, by reducing operational costs.

The logistic park covers completely:

  • Management and maintenance of Park’s engineering systems
  • Security service and 24-hour surveillance
  • Maintenance of common areas and periodic cleaning of the territory
  • Uninterrupted and qualitative power and water supply, internet and landline phone communication
  • Periodic evading of the waste
  • Maintenance of the green area


National and International Transport alternatives


Storage on pallet level using high capacity storage systems and racks


Inventory and selection of goods


Latest technology and techniques, in products handling, loading & unloading, circulation of pallets using industrial forklifts



Biggest project in the field of logistics in Albania

One of the most modern in the Western Balkans

m2 net construction area

m2 total land

Kilometers Coverage of local market

Hour surveillance



Easy accommodation on its premises, accompanied with the possibility of receiving customs service inside the Park helps companies to reduce costs of storage and distribution.


Its location is the main advantage of the Tirana Logistic Park, just on the main industrial area of Albania (Tirana-Durres highway), close to the capital city, to the only international airport, and to the largest port in the country.


Tirana Logistic Park is the first logistics center of European standards in Albania, which includes warehouse space for storage, industrial premises of highest standards, coupled with offices and social premises, which can be fitted easily, in accordance to the clients’ needs.


Facilitation in carrying out customs procedures, within the premises of Tirana Logistics Park.


Coverage of biggest local market in a radius of 30km, within just 30 minutes drive.


The package of services and prices are built on basis of detailed analyses of the profiles of businesses, considered as potentials, their needs and their possibilities to fit themselves on this project, by proposing optimal services and solutions, in order to reduce their operation expenses.

Technical Details

Tirana Logistic Park is designed to meet the best international standards of modern logistic parks. It provides maximum technical conditions and security by meeting European standards.

  • Usable height on storage: 11.5 m
  • Dimensions of grids between columns: 11.6m x 17.4m.
  • The construction is combination of metallic construction with sandwich panels, and concrete
  • Industrial floor bearing capacity: 7t / m²
  • The height of the floor 1.2 m dock level, according to international standard
  • The ratio of industrial doors to the leasing area: 2 doors for every 800 m2
  • Electric and hydraulic Ramps
  • The park is surrounded by a concrete wall and wire mesh net
  • Fire detection and fire fighting systems, available.
  • Numerous parking spaces in front of each ramp and a dedicated parking area, available
  • A 40m x 6m dedicated rail platform, inside logistic park for loading and unloading products, directly from the train


    Tirana Logistic Park is strategically positioned not just close to the key road corridors, but even near the sea and the air ones, enabling communication of the Western Balkans and Western Europe countries with the interior part of the continent. TLP is situated in the largest industrial of in the country, Tirana - Durrës highway, the area with the highest density of population in Albania.


    Tirana Logistic Park, St. Gryka e Kacanikut, Tirane-Durres, Highway, km5, Behind Coca-Cola Factory Laknas,Kames, Tirane.